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Accensione a rotore MVT DD con luci x Minarelli AM6

DD rotor MVT with AM6 x MINARELLI lights (excluding MBK/YAMAHA EU2)

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Rotor ignition MVT DD with lights x MINARELLI AM6 (excluding MBK/YAMAHA EU2) - cod:MVT-DD12

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Digital ignitions are highly appreciated because they allow you to maximize engine performance.

Most internal rotor ignitions, however, render electronic equipment unusable, the MVT-DD (Digital Direct), offers a solution to this problem.

Engine performance is greatly improved and electrical equipment (instrumentation, headlights, battery charging) can be powered by the stator output of about 55W

Combined with a digital control unit that greatly increases spark power, the MVT-DD ignition offers 42 kilovolts of 8000 rpm and supports a maximum rotational speed of 22,000 rpm with 2 sparks per lap.

In the MVT-DD version there is no speed limiter as in the Premium model.

Premium Digital Direct ignition must be fixed to 0.4 mm before the upper dead end if the displacement is 50cc and the crankshaft has standard stroke, while 0.35 mm from the upper dead point if the displacement is 70cc or long-stroke crankshaft.

ATTENTION: the ignition must be adapted to the original electrical system is not a plug and play component, it must be adapted to the electrical system of the bike on which it is mounted.


AF1 50cc (AM6)

MX 50cc (AM6)

RS 50cc (AM6) - (after 1999)

RS 50cc (AM6) - (before 1999)

RX 50cc (AM6)

Special Engine AM6

Thunder 50cc (AM6)


RK6 50cc (AM6)

RR-T Enduro 50cc (AM6) - (tubular)

RR-T SM 50cc (AM6) - (tubular)

RR 50cc Motard

RR Alu Enduro 50cc (AM6) - (perimeter)

RR Alu SM 50cc (AM6) - (perimeter)

RR Enduro 50cc (AM6) - (tubular)

RR SM 50cc (AM6) - (tubular)

CH-MOTO, 1990

WSM SM Racing 50cc (AM6, Euro 2)

WXE Enduro Racing 50cc (AM6, Euro 2)


SM Supermoto 50cc

SX Supercross 50cc


Caballero SM 50cc

House Regularization 50cc


SM 50cc Trigger (AM6)

X-Enduro Trigger 50cc (AM6)


Cre/Baja Enduro 50cc (version 2006) AM6

Cre/Six SM 50cc (2005 version) AM6

Cre/Six SM 50cc (2006 version) AM6

Dérapage SM Compétition 50cc (version 2005) AM6

Dérapage SM Compétition 50cc (version 2006) AM6


CH Racing 50cc (AM6)

SM Cross 50cc (AM6)


X-Limit Enduro 50cc (before 2003) AM6 - (tubular)

X-Limit SM 50cc (before 2003) AM6 - (tubular)

X-Power 50cc (AM6) - (before 2003)


Drakon Naked 50cc (AM6)

XSM Supermotard 50cc (AM6) - (after 2003)

XTM Enduro 50cc (AM6) - (after 2003)


Max Enduro/SM Fury 50cc (AM6) - (tubular)

RX Super Racing 50cc (AM6)

RYZ Enduro/SM 50cc (AM6) - (perimeter)



XP6-Enduro 50cc (AM6) - (tubular)

XP6-Supermotard 50cc (AM6) - (tubular)


XPS-Enduro 50cc (AM6) - (perimeter)

XPS-Street EVO2 50cc (AM6) - (perimeter)

XPS-Supermotard 50cc (AM6) - (perimeter)

XR6 50cc (AM6)



MRT 50cc

MRT 50cc Pro

MRT 50cc Pro SM

MRT 50cc SM

MRX Enduro 50cc Pro (AM6)

MRX Euduro 50cc (AM6)

RR Enduro 50cc (AM6)

RS-1 Evolution 50cc (AM6)

RS2 Matrix 50cc (AM6)

RS2 NKD 50cc (AM6)

RS3 50cc

SMX SM 50cc (AM6)

SMX SM 50cc Pro (AM6)

Spike 2 50cc (AM6)


Enduro 50cc (AM6)

Enduro SHARK 50cc (AM6)

Supermotard 50cc (AM6)

Supermotard CHAMPION Replica 50cc (AM6)

Supermotard IPONE Replica 50cc (AM6)

Supermotard Shark 50cc (AM6)


DTR Enduro 50cc (before 2003) AM6 - (tubular)

DTX SM 50cc (before 2003) AM6 - (tubular)

TZR 50cc (AM6) - (before 2003)

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