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Normally when a company reaches an important position in its reference market, it has years if not decades of commercial life behind it. Ricambio Rapido, born in 2005, has instead been able to burn the stages, positioning itself as one of the leading companies on the Italian market for the supply of parts and spare parts for scooters in no time. The great experience of the founders of Ricambio Rapido in the motorcycle and scooter market for a long time, combined with a unique management of its kind, have allowed this small company to take flight and become today one of the references of the sector. In 2011, with more than 1,500 customers on the assets and a constantly growing turnover, Ricambio Rapido left the original plant to move to a new, larger and more modern plant, which takes into account the needs of a Rapid Replacement grown from every point of view.

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